Thursday, 21 February 2013

Not for reading 'Reading Week'

Despite my highest hopes, I have been at home for reading week for about 6 days now and have managed to keep my books shut the entire time. I've been thoroughly enjoying my comfy bed and not having to be anywhere for the entire week, so much so that I tend to wake up past noon almost every day. Life is terribly hard right?

Aside from laying in bed, I've been enjoying delicious home cooked meals (a rare treat for a student), endless snuggles with my cat (the cutest cat there ever was) and of course delicious coffee (none of that low budget Folger's junk). But unfortunately this won't last forever. Only a few more days until I'm on my away back to uni to bury my head in my books and dream about all of the food my parents are enjoying at home. The thought of Kraft Dinner just makes my head hurt at this point.

Just like my activity, my outfit choices have also been incredibly relaxed. Sweatpants and combat boots are my best friend and I don't even mind one bit. Besides, there is no one I need to impress from the comfort of my own bed, right?

In case you are interested, here is a list of several other 'activities' my reading week has consisted of:

  1. Laying in bed.
  2. Snuggling my cat.
  3. Dancing around the house and singing very loudly.
  4. Laying in bed some more.
  5. Laying my books around me in bed and pretending like I may open them at some point.
  6. Eating endless amounts of food and not working out. (let's be honest....who actually WANTS to work out over reading week?)
  7. Catching up on all of the crappy TV shows that my mind can handle.
  8. Laying in bed and snuggling my cat.
Simply exhausting, right?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Whenever i'm unsure about what colour to paint my nails, I always go back to a classic red. This time I was feeling a little bit crafty so I used some scotch tape and painted this awesome triangle design on my nails. I'm in love, obviously.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Everyday Makeup Essentials

1. Foundation
On a regular basis I usually wear MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35. Its light enough that my skin can breath but still provides a decent amount of coverage. I like to apply this with the MAC 182 Buffer Brush.

2. Concealer 
A light concealer under my eyes is a must for me. The Select Cover-Up Concealer in NC20 is a perfect everyday under eye concealer because it is both lightweight and medium coverage.

3. Blush
On a normal every day basis I usually stick to only applying a blush because it adds a hint of colour while not looking too dramatic. NARS Deep Throat is one of my all-time favourites because its a nice dusty rose pink with a hint of gold shimmer. I apply this with the Sigma F10 Powder/Blush Brush.

4. Eyeshadow
For an everyday look I always turn to my trusty Naked Palette by Urban Decay. With a great selection of soft neutrals and shimmery shadows, this palette is a must-have for any makeup lover!

5. Eyeliner
Eyeliner is a must-have for me. It brightens my eyes while adding a little bit of definition as well. My favourite liner is the Fluidline by MAC in Dipdown because it's both long lasting and not as harsh as a solid black liner. I apply this with the Smashbox Arced Liner Brush - my favourite gel liner brush ever!!

6. Mascara
A recent favourite mascara of mine has been Benefits They're Real Mascara.  It does everything I want it to - lengthen, volumize AND separate my lashes. It's also VERY long lasting which makes it perfect for everyday use.

7. Brow Gel
Like many others, my eyebrows can be a bit unruly sometimes. To pull a look together I always apply a brow gel to make sure my brows are looking perfectly groomed all day long. I recommend the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel which is available at Sephora.